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We love the River Prairie neighborhood and it is something we have in common with you!


Good neighbors look out for each other, work together, and promote positivity to give a neighborhood character and charm. That’s just what we are aiming to do.


Being Neighborly Promotion with Cowboy Jack's in Altoona


Cowboy Jack's will feature a different Altoona River Prairie neighborhood business a few times per month via a feature on Cowboy Jack’s in Altoona Facebook and Instagram pages. We will be in touch with you to learn what type of information or photos you would like to have shared. 


If you agree to be featured, Cowboy Jack's of Altoona will provide one $25 gift card to your business (if your business can accept it). You could use the gift card to:

  • Bring your team of employees to happy hour and buy some half-off appetizers to share

  • Use the gift card as a prize for a random giveaway to your team

  • Reward an individual team member who has earned special recognition

  • Donate the gift card to a non-profit or a local cause

What can you do in the meantime:

Hey Neighbor!

Start Here!

Being Neighborly with Cowboy Jack's in Altoona

Yes! We would like to participate in the Being Neighborly Promotion!

Thank You for your willingness to participate! Either Shelly Cedarblade or Emily Matchey from our marketing team will be contacting you soon to arrange the details of this promotion.

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